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PayDepot - Bitcoin ATM - Promotional Deal - 6/15 - 6/30

Hello everyone from
We are a rapidly growing company, we thought it would be important and appropriate to officially presented ourselves on the BitcoinTalk forum.
Please Feel Free to Follow us On TwitteFacebook or any other Social Media that we have where we announce upcoming Promotional Events.
(Please note many features are still being worked on)
Currently we have established our selves in 6 different states and continuing to grow.
We have Bitcoin ATMs at New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Georgia.
STARTING this Week we will have Promotional Deals at our Bitcoin ATM at 15 Unique Locations. During the promotional Period you will experience the Lowest Fees that any ATM can offer. With BTC on the Rise and With low purchase fees, this is the one of the best times to invest.

  1. FOG CITY VAPOR - 3563 Hulmeville Road,Bensalem, PA 19020
  2. FOG CITY VAPOR - 8919 New Falls Road,Levittown, Pa 19054
  3. Lukoil - 921 Rt 73,Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
  4. Sunoco - 3071,RT 73 South,Mapleshade, NJ 08052
  5. Gas Station/Conoco - 3029 RT 130 South,Delran, NJ 08075
  6. Gas Station/Conoco - 5420 Rt 38 East,Pennsaukun, NJ 08109
  7. Vape Shop - 1900 Grant Ave,Unit M,Philadelphia, PA 19115
  8. Shell Gas Station - 1807 South Easton Road,Doylestown, PA 18901
  9. Concco - 1395 Hurffville Road,Deptford, NJ 08096
  10. Pioneer Gas Station - 5681 ,NJ-42,Turnersville, NJ 08012
  11. Menlo News - 100 Parsonage Road, Edison, NJ 08837
  12. Krauszers - 73 Belleville Avenue,Bloomfield, NJ 07003
  13. Lucky 2 Convenience Store - 1195 Route 70,Suite 1007A,Lakewood, NJ 08701
  14. Philips 66 - 290 New Brunswick, Fords, NJ 08863
  15. Krauszers Food Store 310 West union avenue, Bound Brook, NJ 08805
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"A year ago today" - Bitcoin? Scam? Fuckin' shill, get out of here with your FUD

A year ago today:
There were no bitcoin ATMs
Well that's just a lie.
There were no decentralized asset exchanges for stocks (counterparty, colored coins)
... and there still aren't...
There was no decentralized market for goods and services (OpenBazaar)
... and there still aren't... is my butter friend trying to refer to openbazaar? cuz last time I checked, this still isn't a thing (unless a 'thing' is stealing buttcoiner's money by promising false hope, a common butt theme)
There was no Dark Wallet for bitcoin privacy
...and that totally wasn't a scam either...
Three of the largest crypto stock exchanges had just shut down nearly simultaneously, sending crypto-equities into disarray (BTC-GLOBAL, Litecoin Global, Bitfunder). Havelock Investments "relocated" to Panama
...and this is definitely good news....
Apple had zero policy on virtual currencies and would ban bitcoin apps
Paypal would ban virtual currency transactions and hadn't made any favorable stance toward them whatsoever
CTRL+F "bitcoin" 0 results
Mt. Gox withdrawals were delayed months on end, even as people continued to send fiat and bitcoin to accounts there
was this actually supposed to be a positive?
Prospective miners were still ordering from Butterfly Labs
BitcoinTalk: Butterflylabs Huge SCAM
There was no tax guidance for bitcoin or virtual currencies, in the United States, as a large rally in bitcoin price history was beginning
as if anyone would be stupid enough to - wait, what?? "Bitcoin and Tax Evasion"
Dogecoin did not exist, and by proxy, philanthropic crowdfunding of sports events or .. anything really.. had never happened in cryptocurrency. There literally was no onramp for beginners and there was nothing to really laugh at either
just putting things into perspective
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Official SONM subreddit guide

Welcome to the official SONM Subreddit! We’re constantly gaining new community members and have a lot of important information to disseminate. So we decided to make a simple directory of all our resources and project materials.

What is SONM?

We are the most versatile supercomputer poised to facilitate that technology and people of tomorrow. We are a secure and cost-effective fog supercomputer designed for general-purpose computing, from mobile app hosting to video rendering to DNA analysis.
Miners can also all over the world can leverage their idle computer power to become part of the SONM network.

Our Team:

Sergey Ponomarev SONM CEO and Founder
Anton Tiurin SONM Lead P2P and PaaS Technology Developer
Alexey Antonov SONM Marketing and Financial Advisor
You can also see the development team and advisors on our team page.

How do I get involved?

We want this page to be about collaboration. If you have any questions or ideas, don't be afraid to speak up! We are always listening and always willing to help out.
If you want to join our team we are always on the hunt for fresh talent, take a look at our jobs board.

Official Resources


Want to get in contact?

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Seriously now? (Funny scam in my mailbox.)

This is a mail I just got in my mailbox. Can't stop laughing. The address is "[email protected]"
Ladies and gentlemen,
have you ever heard of Bitcoins - the new digital currency that lets you pay anonymously and instantly and without paying fees to banks? There are already more than 5000 merchants ( accepting Bitcoins and the number is growing everyday. Expedia and Dell are the latest big companies that accept Bitcoins (
Beside the rising number of legal ways to spend Bitcoins it is also No1 choice of payment of darknet markets. On darknet markets like Silk Road 2, Blue Sky, The Pirate Market you can find drugs, weapons, hacking tools, counterfeit products, etc. and pay with Bitcoins.
From 2011 until Oct 13 there was mainly just one market: Silk Road ( After its seizure and the arrest of its alleged founder and operator many new markets appeared on the darknet. One of them was Sheep Market Place (SMP) - quickly becoming the most popular one. But already in December 2013 SMP got hacked by one of its vendors stealing 5500 Bitcoins. This prompted its owners to stop business instantly and take away all the Bitcoins of its customer's and vendor's accounts and all coins in escrow and close the platform. (
I first heard of Bitcoins in 2010. I knew it would become big and set up a gambling-with-Bitcoins website. It never took off as big as I expected but provided me with a little extra income. 3 months ago I got approached by someone asking to launder some coins with the help of my casino. After some research I found out that these coins originated from the Sheep scam. With you can trace back all transactions that ever happened.
Actually Bitcoins are not anonymous but pseudo-ananonymous. That means everyone can see how many Bitcoins belong to a certain address but as long as your real ID is not connected to your Bitcoin address no one knows who own these coins.
That's how I knew that the offered coins were stolen coins from SMP without knowing the real person. Now it is very easy to change small amounts of Bitcoins into Cash without revealing your real identity (for example via but large amounts will not go unnoticed - even when using anonymous tumbling services like Helix or Bitcoin Fog.
After all I decided to buy ~1000 Bitcoins for a nice discount. I thought I take this unique chance - not knowing how to turn this large number into cash or "clean" coins.
Now I still have almost all of them and I like to do something about it. So here's my offer to you. You transfer your Bitcoins to my account and immediately receive back 2 times the amount of stolen Bitcoins from me. Of course I'm happy to sell any amount (up to 900 Bitcoins) but I recommend you keep it low. Remember your account with those Bitcoins must not be connected to your real ID or email or phone number! Never! Don't exchange those coins to cash or other crypto currencies at an exchanges that knows your real name. Those coins can only be exchanged by selling smaller amounts for cash to someone you don't know (, or using a tumbling service.
Because we both want to stay anonymous, this cooperation requires some trust. Lets say you want to buy 10 "Sheep"-Bitcoins for 5 Bitcoins. Don't send me 5 Bitcoins at once but several small amounts and always wait until I send back twice as much to you. This by the way should be a general rule for Bitcoin investments: first try a small amount that won't hurt you in case your partner turns out to be a scammer. Furthermore make sure you send the coins from an address where only you own the private key. Don't use a temporary address because I can only send the coins to the same address where they came from.
However I ask for a minimum amount of 0.01 Bitcoin to avoid too much workload. Your Bitcoins will appear in your wallet approximately 20-30 minutes after you send yours. I am online everyday 12:00-22:00 UTC.
My Bitcoin address is (redacted, ask me in PM is you want)
Looking forward to cooperating with you!
For questions about Bitcoin please check:
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